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Microsoft Enhances PowerPoint on the Web with Improved Animation Features

PowerPoint web gets easier animation tools! New interface lets you add, edit and delete animations with ease.


has unveiled an update for PowerPoint on the web, aimed at simplifying the process of adding animations to presentations. Following user feedback, the company has introduced new interfaces designed to make the integration of animated content into slides more intuitive. With this update, PowerPoint on the web users now have access to improved functionalities that ease the creation of dynamic presentations.

Detailed Overview of the New Features

The updated version of PowerPoint for the web now allows users to add animations more efficiently. To utilize the new features, users can open or create a presentation, select the desired object for animation, and proceed by clicking on the Animations tab followed by the Animation Pane option. Alternatively, right-clicking the object opens a menu where the Add Animation option can be selected directly. The interface facilitates the addition of multiple animations to a single object with the simplicity of clicking an Add button located at the top of the task pane. Animations can be removed just as easily by selecting the Delete icon within the pane.PowerPoint-Animations-Microsoft

Microsoft's latest update categorizes animations into three distinct groups: Entrance, Exit, and Emphasis, each of which can be previewed by selecting the View more animations option in the pane card. This redefined user interface not only contributes to the usability of the platform but also enhances the creative flexibility PowerPoint users have in designing their presentations.

Future Enhancements and Accessibility

PowerPoint on the web's new animation interface is now accessible to all users, marking a significant stride in Microsoft's ongoing efforts to refine its web application. Particularly, the introduction of a Preview button feature is currently in development. This upcoming functionality will permit users to review their animations directly within their presentations by navigating through animated objects using the slide click or keyboard controls such as the Enter, Spacebar, and arrow keys.

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