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Microsoft Enhances Dynamics 365 and Power Apps with AI-Powered Copilot Feature

Microsoft introduces AI-powered form filling in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps to improve efficiency.


has recently integrated Copilot assistance into Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, aiming to streamline the process of form filling. As form completion can often be a repetitive and time-consuming task, this update introduces an AI-powered feature designed to make the process more efficient.

Rollout and Accessibility

The assistance is currently in the process of being made available to customers. However, administrators have the capability to manage the feature's implementation through the Power Platform admin center. Within the settings, there are three options regarding the enablement of the AI form fill assistance: immediate access for all users, access as the feature rolls out (which is the default setting), and the option to disable it entirely. Disabling this feature comes as a recommendation for those who wish to prevent AI interaction with their company's data.

Microsoft is deploying this feature as part of its February monthly channel release for model-driven apps, with early access expected in the 2024 release wave 1. Following this release, the feature will be enabled by default for all English language model-driven apps on the web, granted they have “New Look” activated.

Increased Productivity and Assurance

Copilot's form filing assistance employs artificial intelligence to propose suggestions for form fields based on users' app interactions and data patterns. When users click on form fields, they will see suggested inputs, which they can choose to accept if satisfactory. Microsoft emphasizes that no data is saved without explicit confirmation from the user.

This integration showcases Microsoft's commitment to leveraging AI to assist rather than replace human input. By reducing the burden of form filling, employees can redirect their focus towards more engaging and meaningful tasks, potentially leading to increased productivity.

Microsoft has branded Copilot as a tool aimed at assisting users in their tasks, indicating an ongoing strategy to incorporate artificial intelligence in user-friendly ways. Users interested in taking advantage of this new feature now have the details to actively engage with or opt-out of the assistance, depending on their preference or data policy requirements.

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