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Microsoft to Unveil Windows 11 Native Upscaler at GDC 2024

Microsoft unveils DirectSR, a native resolution upscaler for Windows 11, at GDC 2024. This technology aims to improve graphics quality


has plans for a significant reveal of its native resolution upscaler for Windows 11, known as DirectSR, at the upcoming GDC conference in San Francisco scheduled for March 21, 2024. This development promises to be a critical advancement, particularly for app and game developers, by enhancing the visual quality of graphics on Windows devices.

DirectSR: Enhancing Visual Performance

During the “DirectX Start of the Union” session, the DirectX team intends to showcase the latest updates, including DirectSR, which stands as a testament to Microsoft's commitment to improving game development on Windows. Collaborating with key partners such as AMD and , Microsoft aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how DirectSR can scale super resolution support across various Windows devices. The session will explore the newest methodologies to fully leverage GPU hardware, promising to offer a preview into how DirectSR simplifies the integration of super resolution capabilities for developers.

Compatibility and Future Updates

Super resolution technology is not new to gamers, with NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel each offering their versions of the technology. These tools play a significant role in enhancing the gaming experience by improving resolution quality. Unlike NVIDIA's solution that often necessitates the latest hardware, AMD and Intel's alternatives boast compatibility with older and even cross-manufacturer hardware. The approach Microsoft will adopt for DirectSR remains a topic of anticipation.

A significant feature update for is also on the horizon in the latter part of the year, highlighted by the inclusion of AI features, possibly incorporating DirectSR. While the exact hardware prerequisites for DirectSR have not been officially disclosed, there is speculation that specific features may require dedicated hardware fitted with neural processing units, as suggested by the presence of files like NPUDetect.dll in the Microsoft Paint app.

The announcement of DirectSR marks Microsoft's strides towards enhancing the graphic capabilities of Windows 11, potentially setting a new standard for resolution upscaling in the industry. As the anticipated reveal at GDC 2024 approaches, both developers and gamers alike are poised to gain a comprehensive understanding of how DirectSR could revolutionize the visual quality of apps and games on Windows.

SourceThe Verge
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