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Windows 11 Preview Unveils AI-Based Super Resolution Feature for Enhanced Gaming

Windows 11 leaks AI upscaler for games! It promises smoother visuals by boosting resolution with AI.


has released an AI upscaler, known as “Automatic Super Resolution,” in its latest Windows 11 preview build 26052. Found by PhantomOcean3 on X, the feature, which is aimed at enhancing game play by making supported games run more smoothly with improved details, has been discovered in the build although not officially announced by Microsoft. The technology is designed to utilize AI to upscale images from a lower to a higher resolution, providing smoother and more detailed visuals.

How It Works

AI upscaling technologies like 's DLSS, AMD's FSR, and Intel's XeSS operate by rendering images at a lower resolution and then using AI algorithms to upscale the image to a higher resolution. These technologies have become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for significant performance gains in latest-generation GPUs. The introduction of Microsoft's own version of this technology within could potentially offer comparable improvements. In the preview build, the feature can be enabled via Settings > Display > Graphics. However, as of the release of build 26052, toggling the feature on or off does not yet impact game performance, indicating that further development and official announcements are forthcoming.

Future Implementation and Requirements

Speculation surrounds the implementation of Windows 11's AI-based super resolution, including suggestions that it may require a neural processing unit or AI-specialized cores to function effectively. Although not all AI-enhanced features within Windows 11 necessitate specialized hardware, the definitive hardware requirements for this feature remain to be clarified by Microsoft.

In addition to the AI upscaler, the latest build also hints at future capabilities allowing Windows 11 to replicate user voices, although this functionality is also not yet operational. Further details on these innovative features and their implementation within Windows 11 are anticipated in upcoming official communications from Microsoft.

This significant development in Windows 11 preview suggests that Microsoft continues to invest in AI technologies to enhance user experience, particularly in gaming. With the AI upscaling feature expected to be part of the Windows 11 version 24H2 update, the tech community eagerly awaits further details on how these advancements will shape the future of gaming and on the Windows platform.

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