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Microsoft Takes Proactive Steps Towards Meeting EU’s Enhanced NIS2 Security Standards

New EU cybersecurity law NIS2 tightens regulations for critical sectors. Microsoft steps up, offering resources and emphasizing proactive security measures


The has recently expanded its regulations with the introduction of the Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS2), significantly broadening the scope of risk management measures and introducing more stringent reporting obligations for a larger number of sectors and critical organizations. With a deadline set for by October 17, 2024, this directive marks a decisive step towards enhanced cybersecurity across the EU.

Microsoft's Proactive Approach to Compliance

In response, has been swift to start preparing its products, particularly those cloud-based, to meet the new NIS2 standards. Understanding the importance of readiness, the software giant has issued a comprehensive guide aimed at IT leadership, facilitating a smoother transition towards compliance with these new regulations. Through focus areas of workforce education, incident prevention and response planning, and partnership with cybersecurity experts, Microsoft aims to lead its customers and itself into an era of heightened digital security. The company emphasizes an integrated approach, leveraging its advanced threat prevention systems like Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft XDR, and Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, to ensure robust protection and effective threat handling.

Our team at Microsoft is excited to lead the charge in decoding and navigating this new regulation—especially its impact on compliance and how cloud technology can help organizations adapt,” Microsoft explains in its blog post to announce the compliance changes. “we'll share the key features of NIS2 for security professionals, how your organization can prepare, and how solutions can help. And for business leaders, check out our downloadable guide for high-level insights into the people, plans, and partners that can help shape effective NIS2 compliance strategies.” 

Ensuring Secure Futures

Microsoft's focus extends beyond merely meeting compliance deadlines. The emphasis is on fundamentally transforming organizational approaches to cybersecurity, instilling practices that will endure well into the future. By highlighting the urgency of compliance with the NIS2 directive, Microsoft demonstrates its commitment not only to the protection of its own digital realms but also to the broader ecosystem of organizations relying on its technology and services. As the October 2024 deadline approaches, Microsoft's detailed guide serves as a critical resource for IT managers across the EU, aiming to navigate the challenges of adapting to a stricter cybersecurity landscape.

Microsoft's engagement with the NIS2 directive reflects a broader industry trend towards prioritizing digital security at all levels. As evolve, so too must the strategies to combat them, a principle clearly embraced in Microsoft's latest initiatives.

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Luke Jones
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