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Microsoft at the RSA Conference 2022: Microsoft Entra, Sentinel, and More

Microsoft has a busy RSA Conference 2022 with over 20 sessions covering a hot of products with a focus on the future of cybersecurity.


put itself right at the center of the annual RSA Conference, one of the biggest tech security get-togethers on the yearly calendar. Taking advantage of the five-day event last week, Microsoft had a huge presence where it detailed its vision for digital security in the coming years.

At the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the venue for the RSA Conference 2022, there were over 20 sessions led by Microsoft. These meetings covered several topics and products, allowing attendees the chance to see the company's newest solutions for security.

Among the notable services during the sessions were Microsoft Sentinel, Entra, and the new Microsoft Experts for Hunting. Of course, we already know about these products and what they do, but at RSA Microsoft was expanding on its vision for the future of these services.

Microsoft CVP of Security, Compliance, Identity and Management Vasy Jakkal led Microsoft's RSA Conference output with a keynote speech. During that opening, Jakkal talked about Microsoft's security plans and the future of as a whole.

Attendees at the conference also had access to immersive installations and could grab gifts from a Microsoft swag bag.

What Microsoft Said

Microsoft released a blog post to highlight the key points of its time at RSA. Below is the rundown on Microsoft's sessions for its leading products at RSA 2022:

  • Practical Learnings for Threat Hunting and Improving Your Security Posture: Hosted by Jessica Payne, Principal Security Researcher and Threat Intelligence Strategist at Microsoft, and Simon Dyson, Cyber Security Operations Centre Lead in NHS Digitals Data Security Centre, this 50-minute session addressed threat hunting and security posture improvements from a threat intelligence-informed perspective. Attendees gained insights from Jessica's experience in demystifying and defusing real-world ransomware attacks. They also got a first-hand recounting of Simon's work securing the complex network maintained by England's National Health Service (NHS) during the pandemic, and how his team's experience can benefit all of us.
  • Conti Playbook: Infiltrate the Most Profitable Ransomware Gang: Participants learned how a disgruntled affiliate exposed one of the most infamous ransomware gangs, divulging its ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) secrets to help take them down. This immersive, hands-on workshop guided attendees through a typical Conti attack sequence and provided tips to defend against advanced persistent threats. Thanks to Tom D'Aquino, Fabien Guillot, and Arpan Sarkar of Microsoft partner Vectra AI for this presentation.
  • Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting Has Got Your Back: Abhishek Agarwal, Chief Security and Technology Officer at Helix Biotech, examined threat hunting's virtuous cycle: track, hunt, and analyze. Specifically, attendees learned how Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting uses AI to accomplish all three components of the cycle faster, providing automated detection, hunting, and analysis to help the team track and stop threats across the company's multi-national enterprise.
  • Research—How We Responsibly Disclose Vulnerabilities to , , and the Linux Community: Jonathan Bar Or, Principal Security Researcher at Microsoft, discussed how disclosing bugs makes the world safer and benefits users, as well as giving Microsoft Security a better understanding of the technologies we work to protect.​ The goal is to challenge our own detections and prove product truth—making Microsoft Defender stronger by challenging our own blue teams.​
  • Solve Secure Access Needs for Workload Identities with Microsoft Product Managers Nick Wryter and Sandy Jiang led this informative session on the phenomenon of exploding workload identities. Currently, workload identities outnumber user identities five to one; the challenge being that many traditional identity and access management solutions don't manage these prevalent and frequently over-permitted identities. Nick and Sandy explained how the new Microsoft Entra addresses this problem by providing a comprehensive view of every action performed by any identity on any resource, detecting anomalous permission usage at cloud scale.
  • Tracking Highly Evasive APTs with Vectra Detect & Microsoft Sentinel: Tom D' Aquino, Senior Security Engineer at Vectra AI, led this demonstration of real-life threat-hunting using Vectra Detect and Microsoft Sentinel. Tom demonstrated real-world workflows for threat tracking, including individual threat severity, lateral movement, threat targets, and more.
  • The Shift of “Why” and “How” of Ransomware Attacks; How Microsoft Helps Customers Survive Ransomware: Led by MacKenzie Brown of Microsoft's Detection and Response Team (DART), this session examined the how and why behind the recent increase in ransomware attacks. Attendees learned how attackers have evolved their methods to exert minimum effort for maximum return on investment (ROI), and why DART's methodology can help you defeat them.”

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