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From the Makers of Wunderlist: Superlist Launches on Multiple Platforms

The original Wunderlist team returns with Superlist, a multi-platform app merging individual and team task management.


The creators of Wunderlist have unveiled their latest project, Superlist, marking a significant development in the domain of task and project management applications. Christian Reber, along with his team, initiated this project following an unsuccessful bid to repurchase Wunderlist from Microsoft. Available across iOS, Android, Mac, and Web platforms, Superlist is designed to cater to both individual users and teams, offering a comprehensive solution for managing tasks, files, notes, and collaborative efforts.

Core Features and Integration

Superlist distinguishes itself from traditional task management tools by integrating diverse functionalities and offering seamless collaboration options. Users have the ability to create detailed to-do lists, attach files, capture comprehensive notes, and communicate through comments. The app promotes teamwork by enabling task assignments among team members, ensuring effective project progression. Moreover, Superlist is engineered for compatibility with other essential tools and services such as Figma, GitHub, Slack, Google Calendar, and Gmail, enhancing its utility in professional settings. However, it’s noteworthy that Microsoft 365 integration is not currently supported.

Pricing Structure and Future Directions

Aiming to accommodate a wide user base, Superlist introduces a flexible pricing model. The app is available for free for personal use, offering core functionalities to individual users. Professionals and businesses seeking advanced features can opt for the Pro account, priced at $8 per month, which includes perks like unlimited shared lists for up to 25 people, enhanced integration capabilities, increased file upload limits, and additional AI-driven functionalities. For larger teams, the Pro Team tier is available at $10 per month per user, allowing for unlimited team member additions.

Despite its recent launch, Superlist demonstrates potential for rapid growth and improvements. The development team acknowledges the presence of certain gaps and the necessity for further refinements. As Superlist emerges from its initial stages, it is poised to evolve, guided by user feedback and technological advancements. This dedication to continuous improvement positions Superlist as a promising tool not only for those nostalgic for Wunderlist but also for anyone seeking a robust, integrative approach to managing life’s complexities.

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