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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

Learn how to add a link to your Instagram Story and enhance your content's impact. From sharing blog posts, songs and videos to affiliate links.


Stories have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses, influencers, and everyday users to engage their audience. One particularly effective feature is the ability to add links directly within Instagram Stories themselves. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of this approach and how you can harness its potential. Follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how to add a link to an Instagram Story.

The process of adding a link to an Instagram story is quite simple, even for those who may not be tech-savvy. Whether you're promoting your latest blog post, sharing an affiliate link, or directing followers to a YouTube video, the method remains the same. This functionality makes Instagram a compelling platform for sharing content from external sources on Instagram.

Driving Traffic and Engagement with the “Instagram Link Story”

Having the ability to add a link to an Instagram story (also known as an “Instagram link story”) can significantly enhance your reach and influence. By including a ‘swipe up' feature or the new Instagram link sticker, you can seamlessly direct your audience to external content. This keeps your audience engaged and drives traffic to other online platforms or products you wish to promote.

For example, a fashion influencer might post an Instagram story featuring their new outfit, using the link sticker to guide followers to the specific items in an online store. Similarly, a local restaurant might share a tantalizing photo of their daily special, then add a link to their Instagram story that leads to a reservation page. These are just two examples for the potential of Instagram Stories.

Other Typical Use Cases

Many people wonder how to post a link on Instagram beyond the bio section, which is the other place Instagram allows to link out to websites. Nonprofit organizations, for instance, might want to use Instagram stories to share a link for followers to make donations. Fitness professionals can post links to workout routines or nutrition guides. Artists and musicians can share links to their newest releases on Spotify or SoundCloud, enabling followers to access their work with a simple tap or swipe.

Adding links to your Instagram stories is a powerful strategy for driving engagement, traffic, and sales (for businesses). Whether you're an individual, a business owner, a creator, or an influencer, learning how to add a link to an Instagram story is a vital skill to make the best out of Instagram – from Instagram URLs to Instagram link stickers.

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

The versatility of Instagram Stories extends to the sharing feature as well. You could share a product review from another user in your story and include a link to their page, creating a reciprocal relationship that benefits both parties. Follow the steps below to learn how to add links to your Instagram stories.

  1. Tap on “Your story” at the top
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story
  2. Select the picture or video which you want to add a link from
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story - Select Image
  3. Tap the Instagram Sticker symbol
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story - Select Image - Stickers
  4. Select “Link”
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story - Select Image - Stickers - Link
  5. Write or paste the target URL for the link from your Instagram story
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story - Select Image - Stickers - Link - Add
  6. Place the link on top of your Instagram Story and tap the arrow/next button
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story - Select Image - Stickers - Link - Add - Result
  7. Select “Share” to publish your Instagram Link Story
    Android - Instagram App - Your Story - Select Image - Stickers - Link - Add - Result - Share
  8. Viewers can tap on the Instagram Story Link to open the linked webpage using the web-browser
    Android - Instagram App - Story - Click on Link - Visit

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Linking From Instagram Stories

How can I tell if my followers are engaging with the link in my Instagram Story?

To track engagement, switch to a Business or Creator account, which provides insights for your stories. Under the insights section, you can view various metrics, including the number of link clicks, which indicates how many times viewers have interacted with your link. Additionally, you can compare link clicks with the total views to gauge the effectiveness of your call-to-action.

Can I add a link to a video or IGTV post in my Instagram Story?

Yes! When creating a story, choose the video or IGTV post from your gallery or capture a new one, then follow the usual steps to add a link. This feature is particularly useful for promoting your own IGTV content or sharing interesting videos with your audience, enhancing engagement and directing traffic to your or someone else's video content.

Is there a way to add a link to an Instagram Story for personal accounts without link sticker access?

For personal accounts lacking link sticker access, a common workaround is directing viewers to the link in your bio. Alternatively, get creative by verbally mentioning the link in a video story or displaying a QR code that viewers can scan. These methods can bypass the direct link feature's limitations, ensuring your content still drives traffic where you want it.

What should I do if the link in my Instagram Story is not working or loading correctly for viewers?

Start by verifying the URL's accuracy and functionality by opening it in a web browser. If the link still doesn't work within your story, consider the possibility of a temporary glitch or restriction on Instagram's part. In such cases, delete the story and repost it with the corrected or a different link. If issues persist, check Instagram's help center for known issues or restrictions.

How can I make my Instagram Story with a link more visually appealing to encourage clicks?

Combine captivating visuals or dynamic video content with concise, action-driven text overlays. Utilize Instagram's design features, like contrasting colors for the link sticker, to make it stand out. Engage your audience with a clear call-to-action, like “Swipe Up” or “Tap Here,” and place the link sticker strategically without obstructing key elements of your story.

Are there any restrictions on the types of links I can add to my Instagram Story?

Instagram permits a broad range of links but enforces strict adherence to its Community Guidelines. Links leading to adult content, illegal goods, hate speech, or that promote violence are prohibited. Always ensure that the content on the other end of your link is safe, respectful, and aligns with Instagram's community standards.

How can I repost someone else's Instagram Story that includes a link?

You can only repost a story in which you're mentioned, and the original link won't carry over in the repost. To add a new link, use the link sticker feature in your reposted story, ensuring you have permission to share the original content and its associated link.

Can I schedule Instagram Stories with links in advance?

Direct scheduling of stories within Instagram isn't available, but third-party tools approved by Instagram's API, such as Hootsuite or Later, offer this functionality. These tools allow you to prepare your content, including stories with links, and schedule them to go live at your chosen time, streamlining your content strategy and ensuring consistent engagement with your audience.

What's the best way to inform my audience that there's a link in my Instagram Story?

Emphasize the link presence by using a direct call-to-action such as “Swipe Up to Learn More” or “Tap Here for Details“. Leverage Instagram's graphical tools like arrow or link stickers to draw attention, and consider verbally mentioning the link in video stories or using animated stickers to highlight the link's location.

Can I link to an external app or download page in my Instagram Story?

Linking to external apps or download pages is permitted and can effectively drive app downloads or traffic to external resources. Ensure the destination is optimized for mobile users and adheres to Instagram's guidelines, offering a seamless user experience from story to the linked content.

How can I optimize the landing page to which my Instagram Story link leads?

The landing page should be mobile-friendly, with fast load times and content that aligns with your story to ensure a seamless user experience. Use responsive design and monitor the page's performance to continuously improve the user interface and user experience, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Is it possible to change the color or design of the link sticker in my Instagram Story?

Instagram provides basic customization options for the link sticker, such as changing its color, to ensure it complements your story's design. Tap the sticker once added to explore available customization options, though keep in mind that extensive design changes are not supported.

How can I ensure my Instagram Story link is accessible to all my followers?

Use clear, legible text and place the link sticker in an easily visible area, considering users with visual impairments. Opt for high-contrast colors for the sticker and text to ensure it stands out against the story background, improving accessibility for a wider audience.

What are the alternatives if I frequently need to share different links in my Instagram Stories?

Consider using a link-in-bio tool that creates a single, customizable page with multiple links. This approach allows you to maintain a clean bio while providing your audience with a centralized location for all your shared links, making it easy to manage and update as needed.

Can I add links to Instagram Story Highlights?

Yes, stories with links can be added to your Highlights, keeping the link active and clickable beyond the initial 24-hour period. This is particularly useful for preserving important links like promotional content, portfolios, or resources, making them continuously accessible to your audience.

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