How to See the Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram

We show you how to see the posts you've liked Instagram to get an idea which topics and accounts you will see more frequently.

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Likes are one of the most important features of . They can help you grow your account, discover more content, and learn more about yourself. But they can also have some drawbacks if you are not careful or mindful of what you like. That's why you should know how likes work on Instagram, what they mean for the content you will see, and why you might want to check which posts you have liked.

Likes are one of the factors that the Instagram algorithm uses to decide which posts to show you in your feed, on your explore page, and in your reels tab. The algorithm also considers other signals, such as your relationship with the poster, your interests, your activity, and the timeliness of the post. But likes are a simple and quick way for the algorithm to gauge how much you and other users enjoy a certain piece of content.

Why Instagram Likes Are So Important

The more likes a post gets, the more likely it is to be seen by a larger audience. This is because likes indicate that the post is engaging, relevant, and valuable to the users who see it. The algorithm then rewards the post by showing it to more people who might be interested in it, based on their preferences and behavior. This creates a positive feedback loop: more likes lead to more exposure, which leads to more likes, and so on. This means that if you want to grow your account, get more followers, or reach more potential customers, you need to get more likes on your posts.

When Instagram Likes Become a Problem

However, liking posts can also have some drawbacks. For example, if you like too many posts that are not relevant to your niche or audience, you might confuse the algorithm and end up seeing less of the content that matters to you. Or if you like posts that are controversial or inappropriate, you might attract unwanted attention or criticism from other users. Or if you like sponsored or promotional posts, you might see more ads or offers you are not interested in. That's why it might be a good idea to check which posts you have liked from time to time.

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

  1. Tap your Instagram account profile picture
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon
  2. Tap on the menu button on the top right
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu
  3. Select “Your activity”
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity
  4. Tap on “Interactions”
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity - Interactions
  5. Select “Likes”
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity - Interactions - Likes
  6. Revise your Instagram likes
    Per default, your Instagram likes will be shown as a list of posts sorted from the newest on top to the oldest at the bottom. You can tap “Sort&filter” to then refine the summary of your Instagram likes if needed.
    Android - Instagram App - Profile Icon - Menu - Your Activity - Interactions - Likes - Result

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