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OneDrive Unveils Refreshed UI and New Features for Personal Users

Microsoft's revamped OneDrive for personal users boasts a cleaner interface, "People view" for easier file find based on sharers, document filters, faster file creation, and richer context menus


has just announced an update for its OneDrive cloud storage service, tailored specifically for personal users who are Microsoft 365 subscribers. The updated interface brings a cleaner, more streamlined look, aiming to provide users with quicker access to their files, and aiding focus on content without unnecessary distractions.

A Personalized and Efficient Layout

A key addition to the new OneDrive is the ‘People view' feature, which reflects Microsoft's understanding of the complexities in managing digital content among various personal and community interactions. It allows users to sort and find files based on the people who shared them, addressing the reality that often it's easier to remember who sent a document than what it was named. This user-centric integration is expected to significantly ease navigation, especially during busy times filled with various activities where file management may not be the primary concern.

The update also includes new filters aimed at helping users swiftly discover files by type, such as Word documents, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets. These filters streamline the search process in OneDrive, making it more intuitive for users trying to locate specific items in their ever-growing digital libraries.

Enhancements to File Management Features

Furthermore, the revised ‘add new' button simplifies the file creation process, allowing for the generation of new documents directly within OneDrive's interface, without the necessity to open separate applications. From Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, users are promised a more integrated and efficient experience.

Each file and folder also comes with an enhanced context menu, offering a quick glance at available commands such as ‘Delete', ‘Move To', ‘Download', and others. The aim is to provide a more seamless interaction with stored content, optimizing user workflows within the service.

The distribution of the refreshed OneDrive user interface has commenced, with expectations set for it to be available to all users before the end of February. Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to continuous improvement of user experience and productivity through thoughtful interface design and helpful features. As cloud becomes an integral part of personal and professional lives, such updates underscore the importance of evolving user experiences in line with changing digital habits.

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