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Microsoft Teams Integrates New OneDrive Experience for Enhanced File Management

Microsoft significantly upgrades Teams file management with a new OneDrive app, replacing the existing Files app.


has enhanced file management within Microsoft Teams by introducing a new OneDrive app integration to supplant the existing Files app. The newly integrated OneDrive app brings a cohesive and user-friendly file management experience to Microsoft 365 applications. The move aligns with Microsoft's continued efforts to streamline collaboration and productivity tools within its ecosystem.

Features of the New OneDrive Integration

The redesigned OneDrive addition boasts an array of features aimed at improving the user experience. New views, filters, and AI-driven suggestions now facilitate quicker file retrieval, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of users. Leveraging advancements in OneDrive and SharePoint library experiences, the integration offers improved performance benefits, an assortment of new views, and feature enhancements.

Microsoft's strategy encompasses a single access point for all files – documents, loops, dashboards, design boards – regardless of their location within the ecosystem. The integration simplifies the process of accessing content created by users or shared within the suite, directly from the Teams interface.

Rollout and Availability

Microsoft has announced the implementation of the new OneDrive experience within Teams, with a phased rollout underway. While users of the new Teams app are currently receiving the upgrade, those utilizing the classic Teams version can expect to see changes by early 2024, with the Files app name remaining unchanged for the time being. The Teams mobile app remains unaffected by this update.

Feedback from users and commentators will play a crucial role in assessing the efficacy of the new OneDrive for Teams app. Microsoft encourages user insights on the integration's usefulness, prompting discussions on its impact on day-to-day file management and productivity. The upgrade reflects Microsoft's commitment to responding to customer input and evolving its software to meet modern workplace demands.

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