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Microsoft Store Discontinues Alexa; Workaround Available for Installation

Amazon Alexa app is no longer available for direct download from the Microsoft Store, but users can still install it through the Microsoft Apps


The Amazon Alexa app has ceased to be available for direct download from the Store as of March 2023, in a move that signifies a shift in the landscape of offerings on Windows platforms. Despite its departure, Windows users are still able to install the Alexa application through an alternative method.

Installation Workaround for Amazon Alexa

Users wishing to retain or add to their Windows system can navigate to the Microsoft Apps website using any web browser and initiate the installation.

How to install Alexa on Windows

  1. Search for the Alexa app on the Microsoft Apps page.
  2. Click “Install” on the app page to redirect to the
  3. From there, users can select ‘Get' to install the application.
  4. In cases where the ‘Get' option is not immediately visible, clicking ‘More details' will lead to the full Microsoft Store app where the installation can be completed.

For users facing difficulties with these steps, an offline installer link is available. This method provides a downloadable link that, once executed, adds Amazon Alexa to the user's Microsoft Store list, allowing for future updates through the store.

Advancements in Windows 11 and Xbox Series S

now has the integration of Microsoft Copilot, a move that potentially challenges 's established search capabilities with a possible upcoming ‘Circle to Search' gesture. Meanwhile, Xbox enthusiasts are anticipating the launch of a new Xbox Series S model, codenamed ‘Ellewood', which will reportedly deliver performance on par with the Xbox Series X at a similar price point.

The redesign of the virtual assistant interface comes after Cortana's own exit from the digital assistance space on Windows, which further marks a significant transition. As virtual assistance technologies continue to evolve, Microsoft's strategies appear to focus on integrating advanced features within its ecosystem, offering a competitive edge through innovation and accessibility.

Enhancements and new offerings like those of Windows 11 and the Xbox Series S demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to user experience and gaming excellence, respectively. As the technology giant phases out older services, it also seeds the ground for new experiences and capabilities that align with consumer demands and market trends.

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Luke Jones
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