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Microsoft Edge May Introduce Circle to Search Gesture with AI-Powered Copilot

Microsoft Edge tests "Circle to Search with Copilot", a desktop gesture like Google's mobile feature, highlighting text and searching with a mouse circle.


has developed a potentially game-changing feature for its Microsoft Edge browser, enabling a mouse gesture known as Circle to Search with Copilot. According to Windows Report, this innovation may position Edge to rival 's feature in providing users with such capabilities on desktop platforms.

An Intuitive Gesture for Instant Search Results

As described, the feature operates by allowing users to highlight text or an image, and with a circular motion of the mouse, initiate a web search through . Results are then presented neatly in a sidebar, streamlining the browsing experience. This method contrasts with the current system that requires manual input into the Copilot chat box. The enhancement anticipates saving time and adding convenience by providing instant search results from highlighted content.

Towards a More Effective Browsing Experience

Users interested in testing the new feature can do so by updating their Edge Canary browser and tweaking settings through a series of specific commands. While Microsoft has not officially announced the availability of Circle to Search with Copilot, it indicates that progress is being made toward its release. It should be noted that Google's Circle to Search and Microsoft's new feature are designed for different platforms – the former for mobile use and the latter for desktop.

This new gesture feature, once fully integrated, could enhance the way users engage with content and searches online, marking a step forward in the competitive landscape of web browsing technology. Microsoft's continued investment in AI and machine learning within its browser ecosystem marks the company's commitment to evolving user experience, potentially setting a new standard for search functionality within . The tech community awaits further updates on the development and release of this promising feature.

Luke Jones
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