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Microsoft’s Covision Brings AI-Powered Photographic Tools to Android Devices

Microsoft's new Edge Canary feature, Covision, brings AI-powered photo tools like object recognition and artistic filters to Android.


has introduced a novel feature named Covision for its Edge Canary browser on devices. The company continues its foray into AI with this new widget, although its functionality is not yet operational. Tech observers and enthusiasts have recently unearthed this feature, which promises to enhance the photographic capabilities on mobile devices with a suite of AI-driven tools.

Covision Features: Potential Game Changers in Mobile Photography

While the full specifications of Covision have not been officially disclosed, leaks suggest that the AI will encompass four innovative features: Identity, Chat, AI Avatar, and AI Paint. The Identity function could offer personalized visual recommendations based on a user-generated profile, while the Chat feature is expected to provide insights into photographed objects and locations. AI Avatar may enable the creation of customized avatars for use across various applications, and AI Paint seems set to offer artistic transformations of photos. These tools aim to elevate the mobile browsing experience by integrating advanced photographic functions directly into the browser.

Microsoft's Spring AI Plans: Building Anticipation

Amidst the anticipation surrounding Covision, Microsoft is reportedly planning an array of AI enhancements for its suite of products this spring, including a new AI-boosted Windows version. While details remain under wraps, the expansive nature of Microsoft's AI initiatives is evident as it extends across multiple applications and platforms, including Paint and Notepad with their respective Cocreator and Cowriter features. It's also expected that Covision, currently available for testing in Edge Canary for Android, may eventually expand to iOS, akin to Microsoft's approach with its Copilot app.

These developments are a testament to Microsoft's commitment to integrating artificial intelligence into everyday software, potentially transforming how users interact with their devices and content through enhanced productivity and creativity tools. The eagerly awaits the official announcements and release dates for these AI-integrated features.

Luke Jones
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