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Microsoft to Bring DALL-E AI-Powered Paint Cocreator to Windows 11

The upcoming version of Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 lets users create artwork based on their descriptions and choose an art style.


is in the testing phase of a new feature for Microsoft Paint on Windows 11, named Paint Cocreator. This AI-driven tool, powered by OpenAI's DALL-E, crafts artwork from user-provided descriptions, offering a blend of creativity and technology. Users have the option to select an art style, and Cocreator generates three variations for them to choose from and further edit, utilizing new features like adding layers.

Rolling Out to Insiders

The Paint Cocreator is currently available in preview to Windows Insiders, with a broader release to all users anticipated in the coming weeks. Those eager to experience this feature can join a waitlist and, once granted access, will receive 50 credits, allowing the creation of a new set of images with each credit. The credit system is subject to change post-preview, hinting at a possible future payment structure. The feature is accessible to English-speaking users in the US, the UK, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany.

Enhanced Features and User Accessibility

In addition to CoCreator, has introduced a series of enhancements, including a one-click background removal tool and support for layers and transparency. These features, previously associated with more advanced software like Photoshop, are now available in the user-friendly interface of Paint, making intricate digital artistry more accessible. The background removal tool automatically identifies the image's subject and eliminates the surrounding background, while the layering feature allows stacking of different elements for detailed compositions.

Addressing Bias and Enhancing User Experience

Microsoft emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI practices, implementing content filtering and safeguards to prevent the generation of harmful or inappropriate images. The company continues to refine Paint CoCreator based on real-world usage and feedback. This initiative is part of a series of AI-powered updates to Windows 11, including enhancements to the Photos app and the introduction of the Windows Copilot sidebar.

Recent Paint Updates

Microsoft has been paying plenty of attention to Paint in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the company introduced one-click background movement in MS Paint. Users can activate the background removal option, and Paint automatically identifies the image's subject, eliminating the surrounding background.

Also this month, Microsoft brought layers and transparency support to the app. A new “Layers” button has been added to the toolbar, which, when clicked, opens a side panel on the canvas. The introduction of transparency support also means that users can now open and save transparent PNG files.

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