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Microsoft Enhances Snipping Tool with Shape-Adding Capabilities

Windows Snipping Tool gets a design upgrade! Add squares, circles, lines, and arrows to annotate screenshots.


has enhanced the Snipping Tool, integrating the ability to add basic shapes within the editing process. This functionality will add to the app's repertoire of and screenshot capabilities. The update, yet to be officially announced, will soon be available to Windows Insiders for testing.

Functionality Expansion

The addition brings shapes such as squares, circles, lines, and arrows to a user's editing toolkit. Along with the ability to incorporate these shapes into , the update will offer the option to alter the colors of the shapes and toggle the fill on or off. Further customization will be possible with adjustable outlines for thickness and color, extending the 's usability for detailed annotative tasks.

Preview and Availability

A contributor known as @phantomofearth, who frequently provides insights into preview builds, has showcased the upcoming Snipping Tool's shape features. Although not yet distributed to Windows Insiders, a video demonstration reveals the functionality in action within version 11.2312.33.0, the most recent release for the Insider program. While Microsoft has not specified a release date for this enhancement, its arrival to the Insider community is anticipated imminently, ahead of a more general rollout.

The advanced editing capabilities position the Snipping Tool as a competitive alternative to third-party applications, offering a native solution for screen capturing and annotation within Windows 11. It is also notable that this feature is a design-centric advancement, diversifying Microsoft's portfolio of updates, which have recently leaned heavily towards artificial intelligence enhancements in other applications.

Back in 2021, Microsoft brought a new Snipping Tool to Windows 11, giving users a native screen recording option on the platform. However, since then the tool has been locked in the Windows Insider Program as a preview. The Snipping Tool takes the elements of Windows 10's Snip & Sketch but brings back the old Snipping Tool name. 

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