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Excel on the Web Now Automatically Syncs with Microsoft Forms Responses

Microsoft Forms now syncs data with Excel for real-time updates, making analysis easier for educators and businesses.


has announced an enhancement to Forms, introducing real-time data synchronization with Excel on the Web, further solidifying its commitment to providing efficient data management tools. The new feature enables users to continuously update a single Excel spreadsheet with information collected through Forms quizzes and polls.

Streamlining Data Analysis for Educators and Professionals

With the latest update, the process of examining data from Forms has been improved, particularly benefiting both the business and educational sectors. For instance, teachers can now amalgamate quiz results from various classes into one Excel spreadsheet, allowing for a more thorough analysis and offering tailored assistance to students in need. Similarly, businesses can simplify workflows, such as tracking office facility requests across departments in a single, updated workbook, thereby enhancing productivity and inter-departmental coordination.

User Operations and Compatibility

To utilize the new syncing capability, Microsoft Forms users can navigate to an active quiz or poll's “Responses” page and select the “Open results in Excel” option, triggering the creation of a linked Excel spreadsheet within the OneDrive cloud service. Henceforth, any further responses to a Forms survey or quiz are set to automatically synchronize each time the corresponding spreadsheet is accessed via Excel on the Web. Despite the convenience added to the web version of Excel, Microsoft has not disclosed plans regarding the introduction of this real-time syncing feature to Excel's desktop or mobile versions.

Recent Practice Mode for Students

Earlier this month, a new Practice Mode feature came to . When students answer a question in Practice Mode, they get immediate feedback on their accuracy. If they choose the wrong answer in a multiple-choice question, they can try again to find the right one. This way, they can learn from their mistakes and clear any confusion as they go.

The quiz also gives students positive messages, even when they get something wrong, to keep them interested and engaged. The feature lets students move on to the next question or see the correct answer if they want, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

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