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Microsoft Forms Introduces Student-Focused Practice Mode for Enhanced Learning

Microsoft Forms' new "Practice mode" lets students tackle quizzes one question at a time, with instant feedback and encouraging messages


has debuted a new feature in its Forms platform designed to aid students in their learning process through online quizzes. Dubbed ‘Practice Mode,' the feature allows students to engage with each question individually, receiving immediate feedback on their responses to reinforce subject knowledge.

Instant Feedback to Reinforce Learning

In Practice Mode, upon answering a question, students learn instantly whether they answered correctly or incorrectly. If a multiple-choice question is answered incorrectly, the student is offered another opportunity to identify the correct answer. This immediate feedback loop aims to enhance the learning experience by clarifying misunderstandings in real-time.

Encouraging messages accompany students' quiz interactions, even after incorrect answers, to motivate continued learning and engagement. The flexibility of the feature also enables students to skip questions or to reveal the correct answer, fostering self-paced learning.

Review and Encouragement to Foster Growth

After completing a quiz in Practice Mode, students are encouraged to review their answers, ingraining the correct information. The app provides supportive feedback after quiz completion, with students being prompted to either retry another Practice mode quiz or proceed to the actual test.

Teachers and parents interested in the new learning tool can access a template quiz online to explore its functionalities. Activating Practice Mode requires visiting the three-dot menu in the Microsoft Forms app and selecting the Practice Mode option to initiate the feature for a quiz.

Practice mode is a strategic addition to the repertoire, aligning with current educational needs for interactive and adaptive e-learning tools. The introduction of this mode signifies Microsoft's commitment to enhancing digital learning experiences and providing educators and students with robust tools for academic success.

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