Microsoft Forms Gains New Quick Poll Integration with Outlook

A new update for Microsoft Forms also adds a new Branching tool, alongside theme recommendations and the ability to start a quick in

users have recently received some new features, which has described in a blog post. Features included in the latest include a Quick Poll tool that integrates directly with and .com.

Quick Poll is available on as an add-in. As the name suggests, the tool allows users to create real-time polls quickly. When typing an email in Outlook, the Quick Poll add-in button can be used to generate poll questions with answer options.

Recipients who receive the email can vote directly within the mail or click the link to see the question open in a separate window. Poll results are also showed on the voting car in the email.

Forms is also receiving a new Branching ability. With this addition, users will be able to create more flexible forms. This feature is available for and is being rolled out in stages. Microsoft says the roll out should be finished by early August.

Microsoft also announced the following new features for Forms:

  • “Theme recommendation: Theme brings delight to responders and designers. It makes forms very customized and relevant to the responder. Done right, it also helps to improve the response rate. The theme recommendation feature aims to provide a theme recommendation based on the user title input.
  •  From now on, users can also directly create a new quiz starting from”

Microsoft Forms Pro

Earlier this month, Microsoft rolled out the Pro version of Forms. Available globally through the Dynamics 365 Enterprise license, Microsoft Forms Pro is also available to other users.

Dynamics 365 users can Microsoft Forms Pro for free, although they are limited to 2,000 survey responses per month. Office 365 users can buy that same amount of responses for $100 each month, which is about 5 cents per response.