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Microsoft Teams Enhances Gallery View with New AI Features and Layout Options

Microsoft is making some exciting improvements to the gallery view feature in Teams online video meetings.


has unveiled enhancements to its Gallery View feature in Teams online video meetings. As announced, the service will introduce a new default gallery setting where each participant appears in equally-sized boxes, following a 16:9 aspect ratio. The update targets an improved visual dynamic during meetings, ensuring that individuals who participate actively, either by raising hands or speaking, benefit from enhanced visibility through AI optimization.

Customization and Accessibility

The upcoming feature set brings substantial customization to Microsoft Teams. Users will have the flexibility to adjust the number of participants they see on their screen at once, with options ranging from a minimal four to an expansive 49 individuals. Additionally, for those who prefer not to see themselves during meetings, the option to hide their own video box from their personal gallery view will be available, while still remaining visible to other participants. Participants who do not have video feeds active can be moved to a preferred spot in the view, ensuring a focus on the individuals who are using video.

Microsoft appreciates the need for personalization and has therefore introduced a Light Theme, an alternative to the default Dark Mode. Users can switch the visual theme of their Teams client from within the settings. With the Light Theme already available, Microsoft is ensuring that users can experience consistency in Teams' appearance, even during meetings.

Refined User Experience

Further refinements to Teams are expected, including visually streamlining meeting invites. Microsoft will implement these changes in February, seeking to group related information more logically and enhance the design of the invites. In addition to this, a shorter link for joining meetings is set to debut in the second quarter of 2024. Moreover, users of with a personal Microsoft Account will gain the ability to participate in work meetings without exiting the Teams client, a feature which is planned for release in February.

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