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Microsoft 365 Roadmap Introduces Innovative Features to Outlook Coming in March 2024 Update

Outlook revamps UI with cleaner look, drag-and-drop folders, and a hover-activated ellipsis for quicker actions.


has unveiled a new user interface experience for One Outlook for Windows and Web with the addition of three key features. Scheduled for release in March 2024, these enhancements are designed to streamline workflow and improve usability for Outlook users.

New Folder Management and Shortcuts

A significant update to the menu organization now allows users the flexibility to reorder their folders with ease using drag-and-drop functionality. Reflecting the shift towards a better user experience, the ability to duplicate items with Ctrl + Drag and Drop, as well as to copy and paste with Ctrl C + Ctrl V, has been introduced. This move by Microsoft simplifies email management and increases the efficiency of common tasks, tapping into user preferences for shortcuts and keystroke commands.

UI Overhaul for Clarity

The most crucial enhancement is the interface revamp, which brings a cleaner look to Outlook for Windows and Web. Microsoft has decided to remove creation links to provide a streamlined experience. The introduction of a new ellipsis icon in the left navigation bar is part of this update, allowing for quicker creation and management of folders and subfolders with a simple hover action. The ellipsis icon ensures a more seamless interaction with the platform, promoting a smoother workflow for users.

Despite the removal of creation links, Microsoft ensures that traditional methods of email management, such as right-click actions, remain available. The focus on a more intuitive and spacious interface aligns with Outlook's ongoing efforts to improve user satisfaction and work efficiency.

These upcoming features reflect just a part of the broader series of updates planned for Outlook in 2024, which also include integrating new AI capabilities with Copilot. The vision for Outlook aligns with Microsoft's broader initiative to modernize its suite of applications, providing users with tools that leverage the latest technological advancements. The anticipation for these new Outlook features is indicative of Microsoft's commitment to product innovation and user-centric design.

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