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Microsoft Rewards Program Undergoes Adjustment Following User Protests

Microsoft Rewards boosts daily tasks rewards after point cut backlash. Xbox quests get more points but involve longer time commitment.


has restored previously reduced point values for completing daily tasks in its Microsoft Rewards program. The decision follows earlier reductions that lowered the point values to as little as one or two points per task. Restoration of the points system was highlighted by Xbox enthusiast IdleSloth, who noted that the daily tasks' point values have returned to 5, 10, and 30 points.

Evolving Landscape of User Rewards

The program enables users to accumulate points by completing tasks, which can then be exchanged for various rewards such as gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and donations to charities. Despite the increase in points for daily tasks, Microsoft has introduced alterations to the program that affect Xbox gamers. The number of weekly and monthly Xbox Quest points that participants can earn has increased. However, the revised system may require more time to complete the quests, suggesting a balance shift in how rewards are earned through engagement.


Lack of Transparency and Community Reaction

Formerly known as Bing Rewards, the company transitioned the service to Microsoft Rewards in 2016. Previously the service allowed users to accumulate points through Bing Searches. Under the new platform, users could gain rewards for other things, such as browsing on Edge. Purchases on the  also gain points.

Microsoft's revisions to the Rewards program have not been elucidated with clarity and transparency. When queried about the reductions in late November 2023, a company spokesperson expressed that the program is “regularly evolved” and that changes are assessed for their “consistency and fairness.” Microsoft's non-disclosure on the motivation behind the recent backtrack on point values has left room for speculation. Many believe that negative feedback from dedicated Microsoft Rewards members influenced the company's decision.

The Microsoft Rewards program, launched as a loyalty initiative, has been subject to numerous iterations over the years. These fluctuations often mirror the company's broader shifts in policy and market strategy. The restoration of point values on daily tasks signals Microsoft's responsiveness to the community's input, although it remains to be seen whether the tech giant will maintain a pattern of adjustments in response to user sentiments.

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