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Microsoft Plans Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 with AI Capabilities and ARM Chips

Despite trimming its Surface lineup in 2023, Microsoft is reaffirming its commitment to the brand with major upgrades for the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6.


is ready to continue the Surface brand in the wake of hardware chief Panos Panay's departure. In the aftermath of slimming down its Surface portfolio, resulting in a conspicuous absence of updates for the Surface Pro or Surface Laptop this year, the tech giant now has plans to upgrade these flagship devices. The source of this commitment comes amid internal efforts to adapt Surface devices to emerging technological trends.

Upgrades and Designs

According to Windows Central, the forthcoming Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are set to boast not only next-generation Intel 14th-Gen and Qualcomm X Series ARM chips but also major design improvements. In anticipation of the new Windows edition, codenamed Hudson Valley, set for release in 2024, these devices are central to Microsoft's AI-focused next-gen computing strategy.

Both models will be marketed as pioneering Next-Gen AI PCs, with significant emphasis placed on ARM variants, notably powered by custom versions of 's X Series chips, internally referred to as “CADMUS” PCs. Enhanced displays, improved battery life comparable to Silicon, and heightened security features are among the highlighted advancements.

New Features and Specifications

The 6 is reportedly undergoing a comprehensive redesign with slimmer bezels and a larger 13.8-inch display for the smaller model. With an expanded array of ports, inclusion of a haptic touchpad, and a dedicated button for quick Windows Copilot access, Microsoft positions the laptop as a direct competitor to the MacBook Air.

The 10's prospective updates hinge on display enhancements, including a new anti-reflective coating and lower resolution options for certain models. Additionally, the incorporation of NFC, a wider FoV webcam with Windows Studio Effects, and fresh color options are set to augment the user experience. Both devices are expected to incorporate AI enhancements, driven by new ARM chip capabilities.

Beyond these headlining products, whispers of possible variants tailored to commercial customers and continuous development of the Surface portfolio, including an upcoming Surface Laptop Studio iteration, suggest an ongoing commitment to innovation within the Surface line. While release dates and pricing for the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 have yet to be disclosed, industry observers eagerly anticipate the impact these devices will have on the next generation of computing technology.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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