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Microsoft’s Windows and Surface Chief Panos Panay Exits Microsoft for Amazon Ahead of Major Event

Panos Panay - the face of Surface - is leaving Microsoft after two decades, prompting a corporate reshuffle.


In a move that has left the buzzing, Panos Panay, the visionary behind Microsoft's Surface brand, announced his departure from the company. His exit is twofold in its significance: not only is he leaving after nearly two decades, but he's also reportedly heading to to oversee its expansive hardware division.

Panay's tenure at Microsoft saw him play a pivotal role in the evolution of the Surface products and the rollout of , which has reached hundreds of millions of users globally. The timing of his departure, just days before a major Microsoft event in New York City, adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Over the last 10 years, Panay has become a mainstay and driving force of Microsoft's Surface and Windows launch events. His enthusiasm and exuberant presentation style have kept many a boring Surface hardware reveal interesting. Surface devices sometimes go through mundane incremental upgrades, but Panay always made them feel like major events. 

Amazon's Gain: A New Chapter for Panay

While the details of Panay's role at Amazon remain undisclosed, his move to the giant suggests a bolstering of Amazon's hardware ambitions. With recent endeavors ranging from home surveillance drones to potential acquisitions in the tech space, Panay's leadership could signal a new era of innovation for Amazon, especially following the recent departure of Dave Limp, Amazon's hardware chief.

In an internal email, Microsoft vice president Rajesh Jha announced the following corporate reshuffle to compensate for Panay's departure:

  • “Build silicon, systems and devices that span Windows, client and cloud for an AI world. This team will be led by Pavan Davuluri, who will report directly to me. Brett Ostrum, Nino Storniolo, Linda Averett, Ken Pan, Ralf Groene, Aidan Marcuss, Carlos Picoto, Stevie Bathiche, Robin Seiler, Ruben Caballero and Anuj Gosalia will move to report to Pavan with their teams intact. Windows planning and release management will continue to be in this team. Our commitment to Surface and MR remains unchanged.

  • Build experiences that blend web, services and Windows for an AI world. To this end, Shilpa Ranganathan, Jeff Johnson and Ali Akgun will directly report to Mikhail Parakhin and form a new Windows and Web Experiences Team, moving with their teams intact.

  • Yusuf Mehdi will take on the responsibility of leading the Windows and Surface businesses with our OEM and Retail partners.”

The Imminent Microsoft Event:

A Stage Set Amidst Uncertainty With Panay's departure as the backdrop, Microsoft's upcoming event on September 21, 2023, in New York City, is shrouded in anticipation. Leaks indicate the unveiling of the Surface Laptop Studio 2, equipped with Intel's 13th Gen processors and Nvidia's RTX 4060 GPU. Additionally, the Surface Go 4 and the Surface Laptop Go 3 are also expected to make their debut. Historically, Panay would be at the forefront of such launches, making his absence a notable void in the event's narrative.

The juxtaposition of Panay's move to Amazon and the imminent Microsoft event raises questions about the tech giant's future direction. While the products to be unveiled undoubtedly bear Panay's influence, the narrative and strategy presented at the event will be indicative of Microsoft's trajectory in the post-Panay era. Yusuf Mehdi, slated to lead the Windows and Surface business, steps into a spotlight intensified by Panay's departure, with the industry keenly observing Microsoft's adaptability.

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Luke Jones
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