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Microsoft Launches ChatGPT-style Copilot App for Android Devices

Microsoft's Copilot, a new AI chat app, is now available on Android. It offers similar features to ChatGPT, including chat, writing assistance, and image generation


has launched its Copilot application on the Android operating system, introducing a new era of -like experiences for mobile users. is a repackaged Bing Chat, which was previously available on mobile. Sources indicate that an iOS version of the application is in the advanced stages of development and could be released shortly.

Focused Experience and Features

Copilot, while mirroring some aspects of , diverges by centering predominantly on chat functionality. It integrates advanced technologies such as DALL-E 3 to enhance its chat capabilities. Contrary to Bing, which combines search, rewards, and chat, Copilot offers a streamlined chat experience. The Android version has a dedicated settings page for customizations and will likely expand with additional features like history, plugins, and Code Interpreter support. Users will find similarities in features such as GPT Vision, , and DALL-E, and select users are now able to experience ChatGPT-4 Turbo—a more advanced iteration of the AI technology.

Utility and Accessibility

With an array of linguistic abilities, Copilot aids in drafting communications, translating content, and proofreading. Its image creation tool, powered by 's capabilities, enables the generation of visual content from text prompts. Despite these robust features, Microsoft intends to maintain the app's free availability for consumer use and is integrating Chromium to move beyond the limitations of Google's WebView, developing a standalone experience that requires Android 11 or newer.

Copilot distinguishes itself with plugin support that could significantly enhance its functionality. While some users may not have immediate access to plugins, the app compensates with features designed for complex tasks, such as trip planning or resume building.

Anticipated iOS Launch

Currently, iOS users await a dedicated Copilot app, but interim solutions include using the existing Bing application or accessing the web version via a browser like Safari. Microsoft's commitment to making its AI technology widely accessible reflects in these continued efforts to expand Copilot's reach across platforms.

Other forthcoming features like the read aloud function and the significant character limit increase for Bing Chat to 18,000 characters indicate Microsoft's aggressive AI expansion strategy in the face of industry competition. As the AI landscape evolves, Microsoft wants to positions itself at the forefront by ensuring its tools remain user-friendly, highly functional, and accessible across various devices and platforms. 

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