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Microsoft Bing Chat Now Includes DALL-E 3 AI Image Generator

Bing's latest image generator feature promotes user engagement with creative AI suggestions for a collaborative experience.


has announced a notable upgrade in its AI-assisted Bing Chat, which now utilizes the latest OpenAI image generating model, DALL-E 3. Microsoft started out by rolling this innovative offering to Bing Chat Enterprise users, extending it to Bing Image Creator, and is now accessible to all users of .

Bing has facilitated access to the 3 model even before the OpenAI flagship product-ChatGPT, which expected to occur later this month exclusively for premium users. 

Creative and Photorealistic Images

The third iteration of 's image generation model, marks a significant advancement in image generation. It considerably outperforms its previous versions in understanding prompts, thereby creating images that are not only more creative but also more photorealistic. Further enhancing the user experience, DALL-E 3 is integrated directly into Bing Chat, enabling users to create and fine-tune images via a chatbot interaction instead of investing countless hours in optimizing the initial instruction.

OpenAI has also integrated improved safety features into DALL-E 3 to prevent the recreation of public figures' images and the generation of any hateful or explicit content. Additionally, Microsoft embeds watermarks on each AI-generated image within to verify their origin and has established a moderation system for content.

Challenges and Future Applications

Bing's new feature trial faced difficulties as user-generated requests overloaded the servers. However, the final product offers a solicitous interaction, asking users to tweak their request, and providing creative directions such as adding a rainbow or replacing a dog with a cat. While the system is still resolving its capacity issues, it promises a user-friendly co-creation process with the AI tool.

Microsoft is also exploring other areas to implement DALL-E technology, such as the Paint app. The company is developing an AI image creation tool called Paint Co-creator, which will bring the DALL-E model right into Windows' standard tools. This move signifies Microsoft's commitment to integrating advanced AI tools for a more enhanced and creative user experience.

The Paint Cocreator is currently available in preview to Windows Insiders, with a broader release to all  users anticipated in the coming weeks. Those eager to experience this feature can join a waitlist and, once granted access, will receive 50 credits, allowing the creation of a new set of images with each credit. The credit system is subject to change post-preview, hinting at a possible future payment structure.

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