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Microsoft to Continue Development of Army’s HoloLens-Based IVAS Despite Windows Mixed Reality Deprecation

Despite discontinuing Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft's IVAS project for the U.S. Army soldiers is full steam ahead.


has confirmed (via Neowin) the progression of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) project, going forward despite the company's recent decision to phase out the Windows Mixed Reality platform. This response comes amid concerns about the program's viability in light of Microsoft's shift away from mixed-reality initiatives for the consumer market. The IVAS utilizes HoloLens technology to enhance the capabilities of U.S. Army soldiers in the field.

Impact on Army Collaboration

After a successful assessment involving 20 IVAS headsets, the U.S. Army is advancing the evaluation process. Microsoft's spokesperson asserts the positive early testing feedback highlights the solid partnership between Microsoft and the government. It also emphasizes the technology transfer between commercial ventures and custom government programs. The development of the IVAS aims at a radical improvement of soldier safety and capabilities.

2 headsets are also being used by the PLA in China. The Chinese military has incorporated Microsoft's HoloLens 2  into its training regimen, as revealed in a broadcast by ‘s state-run CCTV-7 and found by Newsweek. The segment showcases the People's Liberation Army's intent to harness augmented reality technology to improve operational efficiency.

Broader Mixed Reality Commitments

Although Microsoft's consumer-facing mixed-reality offerings are slated for discontinuation, the company is not exiting the mixed reality space entirely. On the contrary, it is refining its focus on professional and governmental applications. For instance, the unveiling of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides introduces capabilities for HoloLens users. Moreover, Microsoft ventures into supporting various VR and MR headsets besides its own. The deployment of Xbox Cloud Gaming, alongside popular Office applications on Meta's Quest headsets with plans for 's Vision Pro headsets, indicates Microsoft's ongoing commitment to mixed reality technologies beyond its own Windows Mixed Reality platform.

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