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RunwayML Joins Forces with Getty Images to Unveil New AI Video Generation Model

Runway ML and Getty Images join forces to create RGM, an AI model for custom video content in industries like Hollywood, advertising, and media.


Runway ML has formed a strategic collaboration with Getty Images, which marks a significant milestone in the advancement of AI-driven video production. This partnership has led to the creation of the Runway <> Getty Images Model (RGM), designed to serve as a foundation for enterprise clients to develop customized generative video content.

Transforming Video Creation in Major Industries

The RGM model opens doors for a broad spectrum of industries, specifically targeting the fields of Hollywood production, advertising, and media. Enterprises can now fine-tune this baseline AI model using their proprietary datasets, which promises a revolution in the way companies generate video content that aligns closely with their brands and caters directly to their distinctive audiences. The alliance significantly impacts video generation, facilitating the creation of professional and engaging content.

Technical Evolution and Industry Reception

With a focus on enhanced creative capabilities, Runway ML continues to lead the generative video AI field, despite the competitive landscape and previous legal challenges. The company has recently upgraded its Gen-2 software app, which is another leap in advancing AI video technology. However, the utilization of Getty Images' extensive visual content raises questions around the perspectives of independent photographers contributing to Getty and the broader implications for their future work and arrangements.

The commercial availability of RGM is projected to emerge in the following months, and it underscores the ambition of both Runway ML and Getty Images to redefine the boundaries of AI in video generation. The integration of Getty Images' data pool with Runway ML's AI expertise has the potential to create new possibilities in the visual content industry. While this innovative technology promises transformation, the response from content creators regarding the ethical use of their work to train AI models remains a critical point of discussion.

In September, Getty Images took a step into the AI market with the launch of its “Generative AI” platform. The platform is a result of working together with , a leader in the field of AI. It combines Getty Images' huge collection of content with advanced AI technology, creating endless opportunities for brainstorming and content making. The platform is made to be safe for commercial use, eye-catching, and hassle-free, making sure that the images it generates are covered by Getty's unlimited protection.

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 11:04 am CEST

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