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Getty Images Unveils Generative AI-Powered Image Platform Powered by Nvidia

Getty Images new platform combines vast content with AI for innovative content creation, backed by Getty's unlimited indemnification.


Getty Images has launched an AI-driven generative image platform. Developed in collaboration with industry leader NVIDIA, the platform melds Getty Images’ vast content repository with cutting-edge AI technology, unlocking boundless possibilities for ideation and content creation. The platform is designed to be commercially safe, striking, and worry-free, ensuring that the generated images are backed by Getty’s unlimited indemnification.

Addressing Copyright Concerns

Craig Peters, the CEO of Getty Images, emphasized the platform’s commitment to legal certainty, stating, “Fundamentally, it’s trained; it’s clean. It’s viable for businesses to use. We’ll stand behind that claim.” In a landscape where AI companies are entangled in legal disputes over copyrighted content, Getty’s assurance stands out. The platform is trained exclusively on Getty’s creative content, eliminating concerns about intellectual property issues and unauthorized use of real people or places in generated imagery. Peters illustrated the platform’s capabilities by generating diverse images of hypothetical US presidents, underscoring the system’s inability to recognize or manipulate real individuals or entities.

Compensation and Commercial Safety

Getty Images has instituted a compensation model reminiscent of Spotify’s, rewarding content creators for the utilization of their work in the AI model. The platform promises commercial safety, with no intellectual property hassles, and offers unlimited indemnification with every download. Additionally, the generated images will not be added to the Creative library for others to license, ensuring exclusivity.

The introduction of Getty’s AI Generative platform is reflective of the broader industry trend towards leveraging AI for content creation while safeguarding intellectual property. Companies like Adobe and Shutterstock have also ventured into this domain, with Adobe launching Firefly and Shutterstock planning to reimburse artists whose works have been utilized by AI companies. Microsoft has pledged to cover any copyright legal bills for clients using its text-based generative models.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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