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Microsoft Sets Read-Only Date for TechNet Wiki Amid MSDN and TechNet Discontinuation

Microsoft TechNet Wiki will become read-only on December 5, 2023. Users can still access existing content but cannot make edits.


has announced its plans to transition TechNet Wiki into a read-only state as part of the company's broader effort to retire MSDN and TechNet services. The change is set to take effect on December 5, 2023. TechNet Wiki, a resource-rich platform for IT administrators and professionals, has been serving users with a vast collection of guidelines, technical articles, and discussions about Microsoft products spanning various topics such as , development, security, and virtualization.

Impact on the Community

Upon the transition, users will retain the ability to access existing content but will no longer be able to make edits. Ronen Ariely, a Microsoft MVP and member of the Community Council – a body responsible for Wiki governance and community representation – has echoed the announcement, underscoring the importance for contributors to back up their content. While Microsoft has begun archiving a portion of English articles, and some archives can be accessed through the Internet Archive, contributors are encouraged to ensure the preservation of their work on their own accord.

Future of the TechNet Wiki Content

While Microsoft has assured that the TechNet Wiki will remain accessible as a read-only archive post the stated date, there exists the possibility of the content being removed in the future. Thus, it is vital for contributors and users who depend on this compendium of knowledge to archive articles they deem critical. The Community Council has played a proactive role in this archiving effort and has advised the community to use web archiving services to safeguard their preferred articles. The TechNet Wiki has long been a valuable asset for detailed information pertaining to management, platforms, and more, with each article featuring a comments section for ongoing discussion, additions, and clarification.

Access to the TechNet Wiki remains open for users to read and engage with existing articles until the read-only date is implemented. Users seeking to engage with the platform can access TechNet Wiki through the provided link.

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