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Microsoft Edge Could Expand Copilot Accessibility to Android Tablets

Microsoft's Copilot AI tool is coming to Android tablets through an integration with Microsoft Edge.


is reportedly broadening the accessibility of its artificial intelligence tool, , expanding availability to . As reported by Leopeva on X, the company has introduced a new feature flag within the Edge browser's Canary build, anticipating a subsequent release in the stable version for tablet users.

Feature Flag Discovery and Implementation

The feature flag is titled ‘Copilot tablet support‘ and resides within the Edge Canary version for Android. Users desiring an early glimpse of this functionality may do so by installing the latest Edge Canary build. To enable Copilot, users will navigate to the Experiments panel within the browser. This move signals Microsoft's intention to refine Copilot's user experience for tablet devices, potentially simplifying the adoption process for the broader Android community.

Strategic Deployment across Platforms

Microsoft's strategic release of Copilot extends beyond its original launch on Windows 11, with subsequent introduction to Windows 10—a platform with substantial user base numbers, despite nearing its end-of-support. The Android tablet integration comes as part of Microsoft's larger plan to proliferate Copilot's adoption across various and platforms.

The adoption of Copilot on Android tablets hinges on the Edge browser, necessitating users to download and utilize it for experiencing Copilot's capabilities. Copilot, initially known as , has been rebranded as part of Microsoft's suite of tools, aiming to offer advanced AI-driven functions within the familiar browsing environment.

Future updates and the roll-out timeline to the stable version of Edge for Android will determine the accessibility of Copilot features to the wider public. With this expansion, Microsoft aims to leverage its existing systems, potentially transforming productivity on Android tablets.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the implications of this update for data privacy and use monitoring in corporate settings. Equally, the response from the community of Android tablet users remains to be seen, as Copilot takes its next step towards broader public usage.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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