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Copilot AI Tool Integrates with Windows 10 in Latest Insider Preview

Microsoft is rolling out its AI assistant, Copilot, to Windows Insider Program members on the Release Preview Channel.


has commenced the deployment of its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, Copilot, to members of the Windows Insider Program who are on the Release Preview Channel. As of the latest update provided to Windows 10 22H2 edition users, the preview is now accessible to those utilizing Home and Pro versions. Users of Enterprise and Education editions have not received access yet, but Microsoft has issued guidance in anticipation of the broader deployment within these sectors. 

Teething Problems in Preview Phase

Operating System Prerequisites for Copilot entail a necessity for more than 4GB of RAM and a display adapter capable of more than 720p resolution. Computers that fail to meet these criteria will not be offered the Copilot preview due to a safeguard hold. Once the preview is installed, issues have been reported, which Microsoft acknowledges.

During interaction with the Copilot interface, instability can arise upon refreshing, and system crashes may occur amidst the closure of Copilot or Edge or when clicking on links. Additionally, Copilot currently does not support taskbars positioned vertically; users are advised to place their taskbar horizontally to avoid discrepancies. Furthermore, the multi-monitor support is presently limited to the primary monitor, mirroring early complications faced when Copilot was introduced to Insiders.

A Vision of the Future in Trial

With Copilot, Microsoft is bringing a cutting-edge AI service into its operating system environment, reflecting the company's dedication to enhancing productivity through technological augmentation. This preview phase allows for iterative feedback and improvement before a wider release. The service resembles Microsoft's and is incorporated within the Edge browser, suggesting further integrations expected in the finalized version of the software.

The Copilot tool represents Microsoft's continuing innovation in user assistance technologies, pushing the boundaries of AI interaction within its established operating system. The Windows Insider Program provides a special conduit for loyal users to contribute to the development and refinement process by experiencing and reporting on these early versions. This approach ensures that Microsoft can polish the service to better meet user needs upon its full release. Users eager to participate in the testing phase should ensure their system updates are set to receive the latest versions promptly.

At last week, Microsoft updated its artificial intelligence-powered , streamlining the user experience and making its services more accessible under the unified Copilot branding. As part of these changes, Bing Chat has been rebranded as Copilot, while Bing Chat Enterprise becomes Copilot Pro, a version that includes commercial data protection policies.

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