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Microsoft Introduces GPT-4 Powered Caption Snippets in Bing Search Results

Microsoft enhances Bing search with AI-powered captions and extends Webmaster Tools for comprehensive traffic insights and Android compatibility.


has implemented Generative AI Captions within its Bing search engine, an enhancement to deliver concise information about webpage content directly in search results. The company assures that this feature, powered by the OpenAI GPT-4 artificial intelligence model, is designed to refine user interaction with search outcomes. Captions perform in-depth analysis of search queries to extract and transform the most relevant information from webpages into digestible snippets. These summaries are specifically tailored to correspond with each unique search inquiry.

Webmaster Tools Integration and Traffic Insights

In addition to the search advancements, Microsoft has integrated new features into its Bing Webmaster tools. These enhancements provide website administrators with comprehensive insights into the traffic their pages receive from both the web and Bing's chatbot services, labeled under the amalgamated “Web + Chat” filter. While the data merges the sources, it does not delineate statistics exclusively pertaining to chatbot-driven traffic. To cater to mobile needs, Microsoft has introduced the Bing Webmaster Tools application for Android devices, enabling admins to monitor their site's performance remotely.

Opting Out and Respecting Webmaster Preferences

Microsoft acknowledges the autonomy of webmasters through the implementation of ways to opt out of these summaries. If content creators prefer not to have their content succinctly depicted, options such as NOCACHE or NOARCHIVE tags can be utilized. Furthermore, Microsoft respects existing meta tags like MAXSNIPPET and NOSNIPPET, ensuring webmaster control over how their content is presented in search results. This respect for webmaster preferences underlines Microsoft's commitment to a collaborative web environment.

This is the latest integration of in Microsoft products. 's model is now driving AI features in Copilot/Bing Chat, Bing Image Creator, Copilot for Microsoft 365, GitHub Copilot, Windows Copilot, and Microsoft Copilot. Microsoft's relationship with OpenAI is ongoing despite OpenAI firing Sam Altman, who later joined Microsoft

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