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Microsoft Announces End of Line for Steps Recorder in Windows Update

The Steps Recorder application, a longtime feature of Windows, will be retired in a future release of Windows 11.


The Steps Recorder application, a long-standing feature since the era, faces retirement as streamlines its operating system tools. The company has made clear its intent to discontinue Steps Recorder in a future release of Windows 11, steering users towards contemporary alternatives for and troubleshooting support.

Transition to Modern Tools

Microsoft encourages users to transition to updated applications such as Snipping Tool, Xbox Game Bar, or Microsoft , each offering its own approach to screen recording. While Steps Recorder offered a straightforward method for capturing step-by-step user activity on Windows, its proposed replacements come with varying capabilities. The and emphasize capturing visual content, while Microsoft Clipchamp provides more extensive video editing features.

Notably, the documentation excludes a mention of PowerToys and its Mouse Utilities, which afford users the ability to highlight mouse clicks during a screen recording—a function reminiscent of Steps Recorder. It is worth noting we have been here before. In 2017, reported suggested Microsoft would remove the Steps Recorder. While the feature survived then, Microsoft has put an official stamp on its demise this time. 

Implications for Support and Troubleshooting

With this change, the ability to log activity and utilize advanced features distinct to Steps Recorder will no longer be available within Windows. The application's simplicity and effectiveness for guiding through operations or troubleshooting will be missed by users who have relied on it for such purposes. The announcement reflects Microsoft's broader agenda for phasing out older applications to pave the way for newer, more integrated solutions as part of the evolving Windows ecosystem.

Deprecation of software features signifies Microsoft's discontinuation of development efforts for specific components of the Windows operating system. Although deprecated tools might remain accessible temporarily, they ultimately face exclusion from future updates as Microsoft progresses with its modernization plans. The removal of Steps Recorder falls in line with a series of applications and features that Microsoft has deemed obsolete. 

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