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Microsoft Expands Accessibility of Forms with New App for Windows 11 Users

Microsoft has released a dedicated app for its Microsoft Forms service on Windows 11, providing users with a more streamlined and consistent experience.


has unveiled a dedicated application for its Microsoft Forms service on Windows 11, expanding accessibility options for users. Previously mainly accessible via , Microsoft Teams, and integration within various applications, such as PowerPoint, the service offers users the ability to create surveys, polls, and quizzes. The app is now available for download from the .

 is a platform that helps professionals and educators create content in minutes. Forms can be surveys, feedback forms, or quizzes. They can be shared with anyone, and form owners can see the results of completed forms in real time. Microsoft debuted the service in 2020.

Dedicated App Provides Streamlined User Experience

With the release of the dedicated application, users can expect an interface consistent with the website, including all its feature sets. According to an official blog post, users can create forms and quizzes, benefit from AI-generated question suggestions, and choose from a broad range of themes. Additionally, survey distribution is integrated seamlessly within the application. One of the anticipated advantages is the improved loading times on Windows 11 devices, although an active internet connection remains a requirement.

Recent Upgrades and Future Expectations

In alignment with the app release, Microsoft implemented a web redesign for Forms in September, enhancing the visual representation of survey data through treemap displays — a method that uses variably sized rectangles to represent different data metrics. These redesigns demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to refining user interactions with data visualization.

Further innovations include the ability to switch between a word cloud, emphasizing key terms from open-text responses, and a detailed view of these responses. While the app currently requires internet connectivity, there are no indications as to whether Microsoft plans to provide an offline version of the app in the future.

As Microsoft Forms continues to evolve, this standalone app marks another step towards a fully integrated productivity environment for Windows 11 users, reflecting the company's dedication to user-centric innovation in its software offerings. Users interested in improving their data collection and analysis process can access the Microsoft Forms app through the Microsoft Store today.

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