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Microsoft Tips App Set for Retirement, Windows Copilot Takes the Reins

Microsoft to discontinue Tips app in forthcoming Windows release, shifting focus to more advanced AI-powered support tools.


has confirmed the impending shutdown of the Tips application within the Microsoft Store. The Deprecated Features site, updated today, indicates the app's removal in a forthcoming Windows release. Despite the announcement, the Tips app will continue to receive content updates about new Windows features until its eventual discontinuation.

Reasons Behind the Discontinuation

The decision to discontinue the Tips app has not been accompanied by an official explanation from Microsoft. However, it has been speculated the move comes in light of the new -based Copilot for Windows, which offers similar support and guidance on Windows-related inquiries. This technological shift represents Microsoft's adaptation to more advanced and interactive user support mechanisms.

The Evolution of Tutorial Apps

Launched initially with and accessible through the Microsoft Store, the Tips app was a valuable resource providing users tutorials, videos, and advice to maximize their Windows operating system experience. Its role expanded with the introduction of , serving the same educational purpose. Additionally, for devices such as Microsoft's Surface line, the Tips app played a crucial role in highlighting device-specific functionalities, like the use of Surface Pen or transitioning between notebook and tablet mode.

Microsoft's timeline for the app's removal remains unannounced. Observers anticipate the withdrawal could coincide with Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday event, traditionally a window for significant updates and releases within the company's software ecosystem. The Tips app's retirement marks the latest evolution in Microsoft's approach to user and support, reflecting its pivot towards incorporating more sophisticated and integrative AI-driven tools.

The Rise of Windows Copilot

is bundled into Windows 11 23H2, which saw its general availability wide release this week. As a replacement for Cortana, Copilot is designed to assist with a variety of tasks based on  and is expected to become an essential part of Windows usability.

 is also a part of Microsoft Copilot, which is a unified AI that combines Windows CopilotMicrosoft 365 Copilot, and Bing Chat. It appears as a sidebar in Windows 11, allowing users to control settings, launch apps, or answer queries, essentially serving as an AI-powered digital assistant.

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