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Microsoft and Mojang Set New Safety Standards with Minecraft Server List Initiative

Mojang and Microsoft introduce an official Minecraft server list to enhance online safety for young players.


, the -owned developer of , confirmed that the game has surpassed 300 million sales at its recent Minecraft Live conference. The announcement comes three years after the game passed 200 million in sales, showing shipments remain steady. 

This longstanding popularity can be attributed largely to its enthusiastic young audience. Minecraft has become the first game to pass this sales milestone. In light of this, Microsoft and Mojang have taken an important step towards ensuring a safer gaming environment for children by launching an official Minecraft server list.

Official Server List Criteria

To be featured on the official server list, a set of stringent requirements must be met. Minecraft servers must first demonstrate adherence to the Minecraft Usage Guidelines set forth by Mojang. In addition, they must offer clear contact details and articulate the server's purpose, intended audience, and the community management practices that establish its core values and principles. This detailed approach provides players and their guardians with crucial information to make informed decisions before investing time into a server.

Ongoing Verification and Online Safety

The newly created server selection will be constantly overseen by Gamersafer. Their role includes confirming that servers maintain compliance with the guidelines, thus warranting their place on the list. Compliance with these procedures allows servers to earn recognition badges, showcasing their commitment to implement safety features.

Mojang emphasizes that inclusion on this list does not equate to a server being completely safe. Online safety is an ongoing process that demands regular parental involvement and of the young players. The official server list aims to be a helpful tool on this journey. Mojang cautions that while the list is a valuable resource, it does not eliminate the need for vigilance.

As a nascent initiative, the official Minecraft server list is anticipated to undergo various changes and improvements in the forthcoming months. The development represents a proactive approach by Mojang and Microsoft to address safety concerns in online gaming, especially among their younger audience.

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Luke Jones
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