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OpenAI Developing 99% Accurate Tool for Identifying AI-Generated Images

OpenAI is reportedly working on a tool that will detect AI images generated by its own DALL-E and other models such as Bing Image Creator.


is currently engaged in the development of a revolutionary tool aimed at identifying . Unconfirmed reports – via Bloomberg – cite that this tool achieves an impressive 99 percent accuracy. The tool is currently undergoing rigorous internal testing before it goes public, although the timeline for its wide-scale availability remains unclear. Earlier in the year, the company developed a similar tool but it soon fell disused due to unreliability and inaccuracies.

Complexity in Identifying AI-Generated Images

The task of accurately identifying AI-generated images has proven challenging with advancements in technology making these images ever more realistic. Bing Image Creator, shipping with DALL-E 3 technology, is an example of a tool that generates images that are hard to distinguish from real ones. However, several reports have indicated user concerns about slow generation speeds after integrating the technology into the tool. Furthermore, OpenAI's efforts extend beyond image verification, as the company is also working on enhancing software to broaden its abilities in the realm of audio content.

Concerns and Innovations at OpenAI

The line between conventionally correct content and content violation is becoming blurred. Since 's latest release, concerns about censorship have been raised among the user base. Despite 's assurances of addressing strict moderation, limitations persist.

Simultaneously, there are potential indications that OpenAI could be working on developing the successor to GPT-4, possibly named GPT-5, and that it may ship out in the near future. Besides, noteworthy enhancements have been made to the company's AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, with the goal of preventing hallucination episodes. Additionally, there's speculation about OpenAI venturing into the manufacture of AI chips, reminiscent of Microsoft and a purported response to 's failure to meet high demands for these components.

Also this week, OpenAI brought DALL-E 3 to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. was introduced last month as an improvement to its predecessor, DALL-E 2. The newer model allows users to write longer, visually rich prompts, which drive the image generation process. It was initially integrated into the Bing Chat and Bing Image Generator, making Microsoft's platform the first to offer widened access to the model.

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