Microsoft Debuts Enhanced Version of Edge Browser with Notable Upgrades and Upcoming Changes

Microsoft unveils the latest iteration of its web browser, Edge 118, introducing a range of new features, policy modifications, and a revamped interface.

has unveiled the newest upgrade to its Edge web browser through the Stable Channel. With the version 118.0.2088.46, continues to evolve, equipping users with fresh features while implementing policy modifications.

Noteworthy Updates and Deprecations

Pivotal among the advancements are a wealth of new features, accompanied by a suite of novel policies. However, the release also comes as a farewell to some tools, as certain features have been deprecated. Microsoft has published a comprehensive changelog, allowing users to view the alterations in their entirety.

Copilot to Replace Bing in the Sidebar

Microsoft isn't holding back on the announcements, unveiling an impending modification to Edge that points to a reformatting of the browser's interface. The soon-to-drop update will see the Bing icon entry in the sidebar replaced with a new icon. However, the tech giant has assured that this refresh in aesthetics is the only modification users should expect. Concluding the release note, Microsoft has also listed to Edge 118 as part of its promise to uphold users' safety while utilizing the web browser.

Copilot Becoming Central to Microsoft's Plans

 is an AI that combines Windows CopilotMicrosoft 365 Copilot, and Bing Chat. The unified AI update adds more than 150 new features. It brings AI-powered experiences to apps like Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp. Bing also gets improved, with support for OpenAI's DALL.E 3 model and a new AI-powered shopping experience.

Copilot is a preview version of an AI assistant that has many features. You can switch to Dark Mode, turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode, and do common AI tasks like creating texts or searching with . Microsoft wants to improve Copilot and make it work better with , Edge browser, and Bing search. The aim is to make a flexible AI assistant that uses data from different apps to help users. There are also plans to add more plugins to connect with other services.