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Adobe Firefly AI Image Creation Boosts Realism with Updated Model

The updated Firefly Image 2 Model aims to enhance AI-generated images of human figures, focusing on facial features, skin, limbs, and body structure.


announced a novel update to the models that power its Firefly AI-powered image creation service, at its annual MAX conference. The updated Firefly Image 2 is poised to bolster genuine and accurate AI-rendered images of human figures with particular attention to facial features, skin, appendages, and body structure. This enhancement aims to offset the recurring challenges in the precision rendering of specific elements such as hands in similar models.

Phenomenal Expansion and Exciting Next Steps

According to Adobe, Firefly users have generated three billion images since the launch of the model earlier this year, reaching one billion in the previous month alone. It became generally available in Photoshop last month. The company highlights the fact that an impressive 90% of Firefly users are new to Adobe's family of products. Adobe recently integrated Firefly into its Creative Cloud service, transforming the erstwhile Firefly demo site into a full-service offering.

Enhanced AI Capabilities and Future Prospects

Adobe continues to invest in growing Firefly as Adobe's VP for and Sensei, Alexandru Costin, indicated that Firefly's models received substantial training on recent images from Adobe Stock and other safe commercial sources. He noted the new models are three times larger, akin to a “brain that's three times larger.” The substantial enlargement equips Firefly to generate more refined image pixels and provide organic, engaging user experience without inflating cloud costs.

While the company has prioritized quality, efforts are underway to balance performance. The larger model may demand more resources but should run at the identical speed to the first model. Adobe's long-term play with generative AI is to facilitate generative editing, focusing more on enhancing existing assets than generating new ones.

The upgraded model will initially be available on the Firefly web app and will soon extend to Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop. Firefly also introduced novel controls that allow depth of field, motion blur, and field of view settings adjustments for users. Other exciting features unveiled include an image style-match and an auto-complete feature for prompts optimized for user convenience.

Adobe's move into the generative AI space signifies a growing trend in AI adoption across tech services. Other companies are also offering generative AI image tools, including: 

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