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Microsoft Revokes Change in OneDrive Storage Quota Policy following User Feedback

Microsoft's update U-turn highlights their responsiveness to customer feedback, underscoring the value they place on user experience.


After initially proposing a change that would have seen photos uploaded to OneDrive count twice towards users' storage quota, technology giant has reversed its decision. The U-turn comes after analysis of feedback received in response to the impending policy change announcement which was scheduled for implementation on October 16, 2023.

An Attempted Change to Cloud Storage Calculations

Microsoft had previously made changes to its OneDrive quota policy, causing confusion for its users. Users experienced issues with sending and receiving emails due to Outlook attachments and inline images being counted within the 5GB storage quota limit. To add to the turmoil, the tech company recently declared that photos uploaded on OneDrive would count twice towards the storage quota. Along with this change, Microsoft proposed a complimentary storage bonus, set to be valid for a year, to mollify users.

In an email about the change, Microsoft stated, “We are committed to improving your experience and would like to inform you about the forthcoming alteration to the OneDrive photos storage infrastructure. Data from photos saved in your Gallery and Albums will each count separately against your overall Microsoft storage quota.”

A Responsiveness to User Feedback

The announcement elicited a poor response from users', which led the company to reconsider. The tech giant announced that it had retracted its proposed changes to the OneDrive photos storage infrastructure. Microsoft stated that it would no longer roll out this update, retaining the current photo album experience.

The company concluded, “Based on the feedback we received, we have adjusted our approach. We will no longer roll out this update. We will maintain the current photo album experience, as it is today.” This decision evidences Microsoft's responsiveness to customer feedback, highlighting the importance the company places on user experience.

this month unveiled the third generation of OneDrive, bringing a refined and modern user experience to the / app. The revamp includes a Fluent design update that aligns  with the  interface, new and improved business functionalities for sharing and using cloud documents, and the integration of Microsoft's -powered Microsoft Copilot system.

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