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Microsoft Edge’s PDF Reader Elevates User Experience with Real-Time Translation

The PDF reader in Microsoft Edge can now translate in real time. The feature is in preview on the Edge Canary Channel.


has introduced a feature in its Edge browser's PDF reader that allows users to translate selected text in real time. Previously, the browser already had a translate option, allowing users to translate selected text. The new feature takes this a step further, rendering the user experience more fluid and seamless. It is currently available in the Canary version of Edge.

The feature will automatically translate text in the PDF reader as it is selected by the user. There's no need to open the context menu to start the translation. It will adjust the translation based on the volume of selected text. will open up the translate sidebar, and there it will display the live translation, eliminating any lag between selection and translation. A new translate option button on the toolbar of the Microsoft Edge PDF reader has also been spotted, which seems to have been designed to enable live translation within a document.

Enabling Live Translation on Microsoft Edge

Enabling this live translation feature is expected to be straightforward. Users will need to select the translate button on the toolbar of the app. Once this is done, Microsoft Edge will translate any selected text of the document live. The translate button's function appears to be an upgrade on its previous incarnation, an additional convenience for users translating entire documents. Although as of now it's only available on Canary, it is speculated that it might be added to the Dev version and later to the stable channel.

The new feature enhances the user experience significantly by enabling seamless translation without the need for flipping back and forth. The live translation feature on Microsoft ought to be an exciting development for users who lean on the software for reading and translating text-heavy PDFs in real-time. The tech giant is yet to comment on the speculation as to when this feature might be available on the Edge Dev or its stable version.

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 2:13 pm CEST

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