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Microsoft Lists Broadens User Accessibility on iOS and Android

Microsofts latest move reflects their 2022 aim to diversify the app’s user demographic beyond just business and education sectors.


has extended the preview support for its Microsoft Lists app to users with free Microsoft accounts (MSA) on iOS and Android. This strategic move follows the tech giant's announcement in early 2022, aiming to diversify the app's user demographic beyond just business and education sectors.

Feature-Rich App for Organized Living

Microsoft Lists stands out with its array of features designed to streamline information tracking and organization. The app enables users to efficiently manage various aspects of their lives, from contacts and events to home maintenance tasks. The official announcement underscores the app's adaptability, mentioning its user-friendly built-in templates that facilitate swift list creation. Additionally, the app ensures data consistency across devices, offering users a reliable and harmonious experience.

Collaboration at the Forefront

Back in July 2020, Microsoft Lists was introduced for Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers, providing an in-built tool. With a focus on fostering community and collective organization, Microsoft Lists introduces features that enhance collaboration. The app allows for the sharing and co-tracking of information, enabling users to invite family, friends, and coworkers to join in the organizational process. Furthermore, the app's support for multiple account sign-ins accommodates both personal Microsoft accounts and organizational IDs for Microsoft 365, addressing the varied needs of its diverse user base.

Seamless Transition Between Accounts

The multi-account accessibility feature of Microsoft Lists is particularly noteworthy, as it ensures seamless transitions between personal and work-related tasks. Users can effortlessly switch between their personal and work accounts, allowing for a balanced and organized approach to managing different aspects of their lives. In May, Microsoft introduced a major update for Lists, adding a new UX to the app. Users can customize their lists with different views, filters, sorts, and groupings, as well as use conditional formatting and rules to highlight important details.

User Feedback and Ongoing Development

Microsoft is actively seeking user engagement to further refine the app, encouraging feedback and suggestions for improvement. The company has been utilizing the app internally for organizing a variety of events and activities and is optimistic about its potential. Users are invited to explore the functionalities of the Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview.

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