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Jony Ive and OpenAI Embark on AI Hardware Venture

Jony Ive and OpenAI's Sam Altman are reportedly collaborating on an AI device, blending iconic design with advanced AI, hinting at a new industry benchmark.


Jony Ive, the mastermind behind the iconic designs of Apple products, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are reportedly in discussions to develop a new AI hardware device. This collaboration signifies a convergence of design excellence and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, potentially establishing a new benchmark in the tech industry. While SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son has participated in initial conversations, his ongoing involvement in the project is yet to be confirmed.

A Legacy of Design Innovation

Jony Ive, a name synonymous with groundbreaking design, has been a pivotal figure in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of technology. As the former Chief Design Officer at , Ive was instrumental in the design of landmark products such as the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Apple Watch. His minimalist design philosophy and attention to detail have set industry standards and have been integral to Apple's identity and success.

“Jony Ive, the renowned designer of the , and CEO have been discussing building a new AI hardware device,” sources familiar with the matter disclosed.

Challenging the Status Quo

The collaboration between Ive and OpenAI is set to challenge established technologies, including industry giants like the Apple Watch. The union of a design visionary and an AI leader prompts speculation about the innovative possibilities and advancements that could stem from this alliance. The tech world is keenly observing, as this partnership holds the potential to redefine norms and elevate expectations surrounding AI hardware.

Impact on the Tech Landscape

Jony Ive's history of design innovation, coupled with OpenAI's expertise in artificial intelligence, suggests that this collaboration could have a profound impact on the technological landscape. The fusion of design and AI has the potential to create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also embedded with advanced intelligence, offering users an enhanced and intuitive experience.

OpenAI Seeks Expansion and Monetization

This year, OpenAI has become a prominent leader in the AI industry. After the launch of ChatGPT, the company quickly rocketed into the top 50 most viewed websites. Last month, OpenAI's monthly revenue grew to $80 million, surpassing expectations. 

However, there is also more scpetic outlooks for the future of OpenAI. Despite the popularity of , the chatbot could be a threat to ‘s financial security. As the company pushes to be the leading  developer in the world, it is losing around $700,000 a day maintaining ChatGPT

In a report published by Analytics India Magazine, it was revealed that OpenAI's losses have doubled since it started developing . The company is now losing over $500 million per year, and it could go bankrupt by the end of 2024 if it doesn't find a way to turn a profit.

OpenAI is also considering a share sale that values the company at $90 billion in an effort to raise money. Creating a proprietary device could also become a revenue driver if the company can become successful in hardware. 

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