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Microsoft Enhances Bing Chat with New Plugins

The latest Bing Chat plugins added are Adobe Express, MathSolver, and Spotify, each with its own function.


In a move to augment user experience on Bing Chat, has discreetly introduced three additional plugins to the platform. The new features, spotted by a user on X, are currently undergoing A/B testing and are exclusively available to a select group of Edge Canary users.

Rollout of Adobe Express, MathSolver, and Spotify

The newly added plugins include Adobe Express, MathSolver, and Spotify, each serving a unique purpose. Adobe Express aids users in designing logos, MathSolver tackles complex mathematical problems, and allows users to search and play music within . “I just noticed that Microsoft has added three new plugins IN THE BING CHAT PANE, Adobe express, MathSolver and Spotify,” shared the user Leopeva64 on X, providing a glimpse into the ongoing developments.

Limited Access and Future Developments

While these enhancements underscore Microsoft's dedication to refining Bing Chat, access remains limited. The features are still in the experimental phase, with availability restricted to Edge Canary users. This addition follows Microsoft's announcement at Build 2023, where the integration of several new plugins was disclosed, indicating a broader strategy to incorporate diverse functionalities into Bing Chat.

User Interaction and Plugin Support

Users have the flexibility to utilize up to three plugins simultaneously during a conversation, though modifications are restricted once the dialogue has commenced. The introduction of these plugins aligns with the user community's requests and expectations, reflecting Microsoft's responsive approach to user feedback. 

Microsoft brought Edge plugins to Bing Chat in August. The ability expands the plugin support in the chatbot, which also shares a plugin ecosystem with OpenAI and ChatGPT

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