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Microsoft Bing Chat’s “No Search” Feature Transforms into a Plugin

The "No Search" feature lets users engage with Bing Chat without web searches, enabling more direct tasks and casual chats.


's Bing Chat is undergoing a transformation with its “No Search” feature, initially available to a select number of users, now evolving into a plugin. This development was disclosed by Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Windows and Web Devices, who had previously introduced the feature to a small user base. The “No Search” feature enables users to interact with without the chatbot searching the web for responses, allowing for more focused tasks and casual conversations.

Enhanced User Experience

The transition of the “No Search” feature into a plugin is part of a broader initiative to enhance user experience and functionality. This feature is could be beneficial for users seeking direct answers for tasks such as solving complex math problems or coding, without the interference of web search results. Additionally, it caters to users who prefer having casual conversations with Bing Chat without sourcing answers from the internet. The feature is currently awaiting the general plugin rollout, with no official release date announced yet.

Anticipation and Developments

Bing Chat users are anticipating the general plugin support for Bing Chat, which was first announced in May at Microsoft's Build 2023 developers conference. Some users have reported seeing Adobe Express, MathSolver, and Spotify plugins in their Bing Chat pane, indicating ongoing testing and development. Parakhin has also hinted at a “pretty big update” in the Precise mode of Bing Chat, promising “better answers” for users, aligning with the upcoming major update.

Microsoft continues to regularly improve Bing Chat with frequent updates for the chatbot. Earlier this month, Microsoft made several map-related updates. Microsoft has enabled smartphone users to access live traffic reports via Bing Maps. These reports encompass notifications about accidents, suggested routes, and proposed departure times.

Also this month, Microsoft increased the Bing Chat character limit to 8,000 for each response. Microsoft is introducing other improvements to Bing Chat. New plugins have been made available, and an Enterprise mode is set to launch as a separate product priced at $5 per user monthly. Furthermore,  users now have the option to utilize command prompts within the Bing Chat sidebar, enabling them to modify browser settings, including themes.

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