Microsoft Announces General Availablity for Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch

Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch aim to enhance the user experience by seamlessly integrating the cloud with the familiar PC environment.

In a bid to optimize organizational use of Windows 11 Cloud PCs, has announced the general availability of Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch, set to launch on September 26th. These features are part of the latest update for version 22H2, and aim to enhance the user experience by seamlessly integrating the cloud with the familiar PC environment.

During July 2021, Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC, a virtual version of the OS available in the cloud. In August of the same year, Microsoft matured Cloud PC with the launch of Windows 365.  brings the Windows platform to Microsoft cloud through Azure. The platform is a secure version of Windows that includes apps, settings, and data. It is available on corporate and personal devices. The latest updates further enhance the Windows experience.

Windows 365 Boot: Streamlining Access to Cloud PC

Windows 365 Boot offers a streamlined method for employees to log directly into their Windows 365 Cloud PC, making it the primary Windows experience on their device. Upon powering on their device, users are taken directly to their Windows 11 login experience and subsequently to their Cloud PC, eliminating any additional steps.

This feature proves particularly beneficial for shared devices, allowing shift or part-time workers to access their personalized and secure Cloud PC through a unique user identity. “New with Windows 365 Boot general availability is support for Bluetooth, multiple Cloud PCs, Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs, max timeout preferences, and security baseline profiles,” Microsoft revealed in their official announcement.

Windows 365 Switch: Facilitating Transition between Cloud PC and Local Desktop

Another notable feature, Windows 365 Switch, enables users to effortlessly transition between a Windows 365 Cloud PC and a local . This is achieved through familiar keyboard commands, mouse-clicks, or swipe gestures. The feature is integrated into Windows 11 via the Task view feature, offering a seamless experience especially beneficial for bring-your-own-PC (BYOPC) programs.

Microsoft first rolled out Windows 365 Switch in preview last month. According to Microsoft, Windows 365 Switch will offer several benefits for users and organizations, such as faster and more secure access to their Cloud PC, without the need to launch a browser or a client. It also has seamless integration with their local Windows 11 installation, with access to their files, settings, and apps across both environments.