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Microsoft Edge Now Offers Vertical Screen Splitting

The vertical split screen mode might be helpful for monitors that are being used in portrait mode or for specific websites that display best in a widescreen layout.


Microsoft Edge has unveiled a new feature that enhances its screen splitting capabilities. Screen splitting was added to Microsoft Edge in February this year and now the feature has become more flexible with an option to choose the layout.

Users can now choose between vertical and horizontal views when opening two web pages simultaneously, a feature that many find useful for comparing content next to each other..

New Feature in Edge 119 Canary

The latest update for the Canary 119 version of Microsoft Edge allows users to select their preferred orientation for split screens. Previously, pages would open side by side, but with this update, there's an option to display them one above the other. However, the default setting remains the horizontal view. This feature can be activated by clicking on the icon in the menu, provided the toggle is enabled in the appearance settings.

To use split screen you can either use the hotkey “CTRL + SHIFT + 2” on an open tab or use a dedicated button in the toolbar which can be activated in Edge Settings.
Microsoft Edge Settings Split screen button

Adapting to User Preferences

The introduction of this feature is expected to gradually roll out to the Dev, Beta, and eventually the Edge Stable versions of Microsoft Edge. The choice of view largely depends on individual preferences. For instance, those who use their monitors in portrait mode might find the vertical display more convenient.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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