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Microsoft Edge Gets Split Screen Mode to Browse Two Webpages in One Tab


has released a new feature for its Edge browser that allows users to view two tabs side-by-side in one tab-window. The feature, called Split Screen, is part of an effort to revamp Edge with new functionalities and design elements.

Split Screen is currently available as an experimental option for users who have updated their browser to version 110.0.1587.46 or newer. To enable it, users need to go to edge://flags via the address bar and turn on the Split Screen flag.

Microsoft Edge Split Screen flag

However, users should be aware that Split Screen may have some bugs or glitches before it becomes officially supported by Microsoft. For instance, clicking on Split Screen button may close one of their tabs unexpectedly or their tab pairs may not be saved when they exit their browser.

Microsoft expects to fix these issues and make Split Screen generally available by April 2023, according to its roadmap.

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Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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