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Google Calendar Now Shows Outlook User Display Names in Attendees List

Google has updated its Calendar application to improve compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. This change will now show Outlook user display names.


In a recent development, has made an update to its Calendar application, enhancing its compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. This change addresses a longstanding issue where Outlook users, when inviting Google Calendar users to a meeting, would not have their display names shown in the list of attendees on Google Calendar.

While this might seem like a minor tweak from Google's perspective, it greatly benefits Outlook users who frequently collaborate with Google Calendar users. This ensures that they are recognized as the meeting organizers when they send out invites.

According to a post on the Google Workspace blog, the tech giant shared, “Previously, if a user invited a Google Calendar user to a meeting event, the Outlook user's display name would not appear at all in the list of meeting attendees on Google Calendar. Starting today, we're updating this experience so that the Outlook user who organized the meeting is listed amongst the other meeting attendees in Calendar as the meeting organizer.”

The feature is currently being rolled out and is expected to be available to all Google Calendar users in approximately two weeks. It's worth noting that administrators don't need to take any action to activate this feature, as it will be updated automatically.

Future Developments for Microsoft Outlook

In related news, Microsoft is gearing up to introduce its revamped Outlook for Windows application, which is set to replace the existing Mail and Calendar apps for and . This transition is slated to begin in late August 2023. However, users will have the choice to revert to the Mail and Calendar apps if they prefer. Microsoft has further plans to phase out these older apps in favor of the new Outlook for Windows by the end of 2024.

Microsoft has made several major changes to Outlook in 2023. For example, the company brought Authenticator Lite to the email service.

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